Residential Treatment

Our counselling sessions are a safe place for you to open up about your addictions.

With a number of people turning to our drug rehabilitation centre in mumbai, you will have a large support group who you can count on to help you stay focussed on your drug de addiction journey.

Sobriety Maintenance:

We at harmony stay by your side at all times.

What makes us a unique drug rehabilitation centre in mumbai is the fact that our Narcotic Anonymous program has helped our patients commit to their drug de addiction journey as a permanent way of life.

Spiritual practices like yoga and guided meditations that you learn at our rehab centre in mumbai helps you stay focussed on your sobriety goals.

After you complete your treatment at our drug rehabilitation centre in mumbai, we call you in for regular checkups to stay updated on your journey.

This not only helps your sobriety but also allows you to commit to your drug de addiction journey permanently. You can beat your addiction, head down to our contact page to learn more