Residential Treatment

Committing to a life of drug de addiction and Alcohol De addiction is a hard journey and we understand this. It takes lot of courage and determination to leave behind your addiction patterns, and thus as a fully equipped Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, we stay updated with State of the art treatments, giving you a higher chance of achieving drug de addiction and alcohol de addiction by helping you take direct your mind away from your addiction patterns.

It is absolutely necessary to be proactive about your drug de addiction and alcohol de addiction goals. you need plenty of nutrients, the right food and a whole lot of water to stabilize the addiction patterns of your body.

We help you balance your lifestyle out at our rehabilitation centre in mumbai by giving you a plan. A plan that guides you through a speedy recovery by eating the right foods and supplementing the body with the rIght vitamins.

Harmony Foundation, is a rehabilitation centre in Mumbai that gives you an end to end solution for you addiction patterns. Our dedicated staff and team of counsellors make it their sole mission to help you erase your addiction the moment you enter our rehab centre in Mumbai.

Our state of the art facilities should help you conquer your addiction faster than you ever thought possible.

Have a look at our facilities page where you get to know more about how we deal with drug de addiction and alcohol de addiction at our rehab centre in Mumbai

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